Enamelware His-Her Signs Set of 2


There truly is NOTHING we love more at Décor Steals than eclectic pieces of décor that really add character AND personal touch to any space. (SERIOUSLY you should see our office!!) Which is why we LOVE wall décor and wall art! There are SO many different styles AND colors AND sizes! It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to find a piece that will suit YOUR style while blending cohesively with your current décor!


We love this sweet “His-Her” Wall Art because there are SO many romantic gestures you can do with them! If you own a Bed & Breakfast or a sweet café with tables set aside for honeymooners these sweet wall signs would be great to hang up to welcome them! You can hang them in your bedroom or bathroom as a cute AND fun way to designate whose towel is whose! If you own a boutique, simply hang these signs above the women and men’s clothing department or changing room!


We hate to say we told you so BUT didn’t we say there were SO many different places you could hang these signs?! :)