Large Wooden Bead Lantern


How beautiful is this LARGE lantern?! We are OBSESSED with the details of this piece. With its intricate wooden beads lining the design, they are just full with so much charm and character! It's pieces like this that make our hearts go pitter patter. Not to mention lanterns are just so popular right now! It's IMPOSSIBLE to have enough of them especially with the warmer weather on the horizon! 


Use our Large Wooden Beaded Lantern indoors OR outdoors with a REAL pillar candle or an LED light! They aren't just for show, you can genuinely use them! How fun!! :) Place a small plotted plant on the inside and hang them in your home, on your porch, or place them on top of your mantle! Anywhere you to place one, two, or six of these beautifully designed lanterns, they will add a unique look and spark a conversation!