6 Pot Herb Planter


We're LOVING these summer vibes right now! All this fresh greenery and texture everywhere you turn! Ahhhh it's simply amazing! We just can't get enough of all the colors and fragrances!! There's NOTHING we enjoy more than filling our homes with all these beautiful colors and fragrances... and this is why we're so excited about today's steal!!!


Our 6 Pot Herb Planter is PERFECT for indoor or outdoor decor! We love that it comes with a caddy that features a handle for easy access. Simply plant your favorite herbs or flowers in this planter and place it in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom! Really anywhere that is need of some natural color and texture (Just make sure you give them a bit of sun every day;) You can also fill these pots with faux flowers or herbs, giving you all the natural colors and textures without the real watering and sun exposure! LOL!!! :)


Whatever you decide to do with this piece we know you'll ADORE it! Send us pics to let us know how creative you're getting with it!