{RARE} Number One Found Metal Factory Bins


Oh man, you’re going to love this!!  The steal we bring you today is truly a VERY RARE find!!! We are beside ourselves.... SWOONING! {quick pause} Deep Breaths...


Coming to us from American Factories, these FOUND stackable bins are authentically stamped  #1 BINS (the smallest and rarest find). Can you see why we're so EXCITED???


You know how sometimes you come across a SUPER COOL old treasure in the antique shop that you absolutely LOVE but have no idea exactly what it is?  Well, that’s what happened to us with today’s steal!  Our collector found a stash of these old, time-worn, industrial looking metal storage bins and we went crazy for them! They were once used in factories as storage bins and for many other cool uses. Each one tells it's own story of where it came from! How neat is that!!?


Whatever their original purpose, they are old, used, distressed and some seem to be well traveled.  They were found in the US and have markings that make each one unique. They all show signs of wear: dents, scratches, paint marks or even some inky stamps! All due to usage and old age. We wish they could share their stories with us! ~Sigh...


Now it’s your turn to add a chapter to their lives. Metal stack-able storage bins like these are super versatile and add the vintage industrial storage vibe to your home that we all know and love so well! They are sturdy and functional and ready to take on whatever new assignment you have for them! Store and sort literally ANYTHING in these rustic metal bins: cleaning supplies, mail, books, craft supplies, tools, toys, and toiletries!  See what we mean?!  Found treasures don’t get much better than this!