Tin Storage Caddy


Hello, Stealers! Are you ready for today’s steal? We hope so because we couldn’t wait to show you what we’ve found for you. The last time we brought you a caddy like this we completely sold out before brunch. So if you missed out last time, get your fingers ready for clicking and keep the coffee pot on the table, because these vintage storage caddies are a FARMHOUSE FAVE.


We’re in LOOOOOVE with this Tin Storage Caddy!!! It’s functional and pretty and pretty functional. You get the point:) !


We love the vintage look on this old farmers caddy. Reminiscent of agriculturists from the American Great Plains, these storage caddies are full of rich American history.


This caddy is AWESOME for storage, craft supplies, hardware, office supplies, bathroom supplies, kitchen storage, parties, dinners, the sky is the limit... BUT!!!


We love the idea of displaying hydrangeas or ferns on the dining table, or fresh towels in the bathroom… How about organizing those scattered magazines on the coffee table??? Huh?


We fell IN LOVE with these tin storage caddies the moment we saw them and we couldn’t resist bringing them to you. We knew you would fall in LOVE too!!!