Double Pendant Pulley Light


Yes, Yes, and SUPER Yes. We could not wait to bring you today's steal. Actually, we can’t believe it’s finally happening!!! (SWOONING ;)


These Pulley Pendant Lights have become so popular, so when we had the opportunity, we didn’t hesitate to bring you this deal. And let us tell you, it’s not easy to find steals like this. Great quality, style, overflowing charm, and great price… It’s unheard of. But when our Stealers ask, we DELIVER.


Today's deal is glowing with possibilities! Just picture how beautiful this will look hanging in your foyer, office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, powder room or bedroom! 

This vintage inspired pulley light will add a timeless piece of American industrial history to your home.  It’s inspired by the American Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s.


This piece is full of rich history and industrial charm. Oh, and don’t forget that shipping on this piece is still $5…