Wood Framed Conifer Tree Prints Set of 4


WOW! These beauties have been showing up on some VERY popular decorating shows lately so you know we just HAD to have them!!


These vintage inspired conifer prints are eclectic distressed prints that are sure to transform any space. Adapted from 1800’s era antique natural history illustrations, these prints are reproduced to look like those hung as wall decor long ago. Ahhh...the sweet whispers of past stories fill the air just by looking at these alluring prints!


It’s easy to enjoy each realistic print and each one has a unique design that gives this set so much charm!! Whether you decide to place these on an empty wall space in your hallway, as the focal point in your dining room, a unique headboard over the bed or maybe hang them to descend down a staircase, these prints will surely add sweet detailing and that farmhouse charm you’ve been looking for. We can just imagine how lovely these would look placed side by side and how effortlessly they would tie a home together if they were hung in separate spaces. We’ve given you an idea of how wonderful these prints really are, but it’s up to you to place them in your vintage vignettes!


We couldn't find these selling for less than $94!! Don't just take our word for it, go do the research! :) Oh and don't forget these still ship at only $5!!