Precious Moments Photo Blanket


We are giddy with excitment over today's AMAZING steal!! It's an extremely new trend that we just HAD to hop on! These truly unique milestone baby blankets are the only swaddle blanket you'll ever need. Its the perfect alternative to monthly stickers and blocks and is super functional. What's cuter than documenting the growth of your newborn...umm nothing!! And for all us dog and cat lovers out there, it's the perfect way to show the growth of your pup or kitten! 


Our blanket easily allows you to take and post pictures of your newborns growth month to month. The beauty of  these is you can easily do months, years, or even days! the first 12 months of growth and first years of growth! The month to month growth blanket reads a cute little saying of "From Head to Toe We Love You So." The simplicity of the blanket allows you to show the personality of your baby and yourself through different accents each month! 


Our brains are already spinning with sooooo many ways to mark your babies growth! With this month to month blanket, you could use a different wreath style that corresponds with the season! Maybe a boxwood wreath in the summer and colorful leaves in the Fall. Put them in their Halloween costume for Halloween or dress them up in cute stockings for Christmas! The possibilities are truly endless with these adorable blankets!! 


Oh and have you seen that incredible price!!? We could hardly believe it either! 


P.S. - Check put how our friend @mom2twoplustwins used her blankie in photo #1!