HUGE Decorative Thankful Pillow


WOOHOO! We are in LOVE with this extra long thankful pillow!! It's the PERFECT addition to any bedroom, outtoman, love seat, or oversized couch! When we first saw these we couldn't help but be bursting with excitement to bring it to you guys! So without futher ado, we give you this AHHH-MAZING steal! 


This LONG pillow carries much such a unique charm that will add character and dimension to your favorite spaces! Oh and not to mention a cozy factor which is always a plus! Just think of all the places and spaces that this pillow can be placed! We can picture it in your entry way or mudroom resting on a bench OR in your bedroom as a great throw pillow. We can picture this resting on your couch or in your kitchen in your breakfast nook! 


There is sooooo many reason to LOVE this pillow! Besides the amazing size and the cozy feel, it's also super functional and neautral. IT will go so well with any decor and makes a great gift over the holidays. Lastly, this pillow will truly make a statement piece over any of your chairs, benches, daybeds, couches or beds! 


Oh and have you seen that price!!?? We know we couldn't believe it either. You may just need one for every room in your home!