*FOUND* Vintage European Iron Bucket


Today's FOUND treasures were once used in Europe! We think they were used to hold milk or water! We brought it to you once before in March of last year! We loved it and you did to! Requests to bring it back have been pouring ever since... Especially after we shared with you how one of the most talented photographers out there, Laura Endlsey, put it to use (photos above)! You must check her site for some of the cutest photos you will ever see!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on these beautiful and hard to find time-worn pieces!

This sturdy bucket could show wear, discoloring, rust, scratches, age, dents, timeworn marks, dust! All due to usage and old age… Please click on the arrows in the main photo above to see close ups and more shots…

They are great tools in your kitchen, bathroom, office… Use them to store: Produce, bathroom supplies, office supplies and craft supplies, toys, magazines, etc… Line a few up under a kitchen table and fill with produce, place three or so in your foyer for organized storage or simply use them as planters! Hmmm, maybe a light fixture?! We are TOTALLY in love with these functional beauties!


P.S: If your bucket has some rust and you want to place white linens, towels, etc inside it... You can use a clear plastic liner, burlap sheet or even spray the inside with a clear Polyurethane coat.




*Laura Endsley photography is based in Waco, Texas but has clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and throughout the United States.