Oval Pierced Baskets Set of 3


MY OH MY!  We are overly THRILLED about these gorgeous Oval Pierced Baskets!! In the older days baskets like these were originally used to hold produce gathered at the farmhouse or bought at the local market. Now, they are used for every day organization and have so many different variations of them. We are blown away by the beautiful distressing and intricate detailing of these specific baskets and couldn’t wait for you to be swooning with us over their European Farm charm.


We LOVE how versatile these baskets are! Use them to hold a variety of kitchen items (all those collectable corks, store your oils and vinegars in them, tea or coffee, or even your spices!) or in a bathroom to hold toiletries for guest and linen towels. Also, place these in your office space or laundry room from that little bit of extra storage space! We can even picture these in your living rooms on display holding potpourri, LED candles, or even pinecones and moss over the holidays. The sky is truly the limit with these baskets!!


What’s better than a beautiful piece with farmhouse charm? And in three different sizes, what’s not to love!!