Vintage Framed Chalkboard with Hooks


YAHOO!! Remember all those times you’ve left the house forgetting something? Well today’s steal will have you never forgetting what you need to grab when you leave the house again!


With its handy chalkboard surface, you can create to-do lists or notes to self for quick reminders as you’re rushing out the door! Use the hooks as a place to keep keys, hats, scarfs, and other various personal items. What’s truly great about this piece is you can write the names of whoevers items they are above each hook! What we also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about this piece is it would be AMAZING in sooo many places and spaces! Place one in your kitchen with a list of needed groceries or even to display what’s for dinner. Hang one in your bathroom to hold hand towels and for friendly reminders. Even display one in your office space or craft room for a new take on wall art!


It’s beautiful ways to organize like this that send our creativity into overdrive! And how could you not be in love with a price like that!!??