*HUUUGE* Wood Sliding Calendar Wall Decor / Farmhouse Charm


Today's deal is HUGE! 36" huge that is! Inspired by antique scales and vintage library hardware these beautiful sliding calendars came to life! And we couldn't be more excited to be able to bring them to you!


Counting the days on your calendar has never been THIS cool before!  Sliding calendars have been around forever but none of them have been quite as clever as this one.  We absolutely LOVE the aged looking wood and the chunky hardware markers.   You will get a kick out of sliding them from day to day, week to week and month to month.   And then when a new year comes…you get to start all over again without shopping for a new calendar!  Now that is what we call a STEAL!


The vintage styling of our wood calendar will be at home in any room in the house.  Set it on the kitchen counter, your desk, in the back hall near the door…any place you might need to notice the date. Better yet, don’t you think it would be the perfect calendar to use in a classroom or office?!  Bet you have someone on your gift list that would LOVE it!


P.S. - Check out how our awesome friends used their steals in the photos above! @home.on.the.ridge@theeverydayhaps, Jodi Graff, Shannon Barnes, Joni Henderson, and @twenty8designs