Vintage European Grain Sack


Oh yes, we know! You have been asking us (forever) to bring you grain sacks at a reasonable and affordable price! Well we DID it again and we are beyond excited EXCITED!


If you have been dreaming about owning original European grain sacks, today is truly your chance!


These Hand-loomed flax linen sacks from Europe were once used to transport grains. Each farm had a unique design/stripe to designate its owner.  


Each one is truly unique and different but they are all in good condition and they all have stripes. Some are thinner and softer, some are thicker and rougher. There might be some minor imperfections or minor spots, after all they are about 100 years old!


Colors vary from different shades of reds, blues, greens, purples, blacks, browns... Make sure to see all photos above...


Sizes vary from 16"-24" wide x 42"-46" Long. Remember All grain sacks are twice as long, they are hand-stitched together at the left and right side, if you split open these seams you will get one long piece of antique fabric.


Lastly, the repurposing possibilities are endless when it comes to grain sacks. Click here to see some inspirations...




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