Distressed Candle Holders. Set of 3


Today’s deal is beyond fantastic! The quality and distressed finish are out of this world! We have been on the hunt ever since we laid our eyes on them a couple months ago!


We've been on the hunt for enamel candlesticks for a while and when we finally found these we were ecstatic! These distressed beauties are sure to add drama and depth to any space or vignette!


They are perfect to set the scene for any kind of gathering... Place our candleholders throughout the room for a romantic and warm touch. Use them with regular candles or LED Candles! 


You know how we always like to draw your attention to how great our prices are? We are sure you know by now that we strive to bring you the “awesomest” deals for the “bestest” prices! We also know that most of you have seen similar candle holders out there for at least double the price.


P.S. - Check out how our friend Melissa Leon used her candle sticks in photo #3! :)