Galvanized Wood Top End Table with Drawer Set of 2


It was industrial love at FIRST site with our Wood Top Galvanized Tables! We just ADORE them! I mean, how could you NOT?! What's TRULY incredible about these stands are all the styles of decor they serve! Whether you're looking for an industrial, French country, or farmhouse piece..these stands are PERFECT for you!


They are the perfect size for any room! Just place some books on top, a lamp, add a beautiful vase with flowers, or some candles and you have a picture-perfect side tables! If it were us, we would ALSO place some family photos on them! Place it next to your reading chair, bed, or couch and their industrial charm will add character to your home!


Even better you can separate them and use them as different stands throughout your home or office! We KNOW! They're UHHHmazing!


We are SUPER excited about the price we were able to offer on this piece and that we were STILL able to keep our $5 shipping!!! :)