Bird Wall Decor Set of 3


We are super excited about this steal in particular! We LOVE doing vintage bird prints and we know you love them as well! But we are constantly looking for unique pieces for our favorite stealers! And not to toot our horns but... TOOT TOOT! We've really done it this time! 


Our newest steal just screams rustic farmhouse cottage! We can already see these on the walls of your home making quite the statement! We love them in the entry guiding and welcoming your family and guests into your home! You know that awkward space above those doors you never know how to fill how PERFECT are these for there?! Putting them above a door will draw the eye up and make your space feel bigger! Or how about that space above the TV?! 


Easy to hang on the wall or place on a shelf surrounded by herbs and candles to give your space that airy romantic feel <3


We LOVE pieces that speak to us and there's something about these birds in mid-flight that reminds us... life is a constant journey and to never stop flying




Check out how our friends are using theirs above: Allyson Zegarski (photo #2-left), Cheryl Trudeau (photo #2-right) and Neva Iravani (photo #3)