Sliding Barn Doors Storage Cabinet / Rustic Farmhouse


Hello hello hello from us here at Decor Steals to you (our FAVORITE stealers!) We are SO very excited about today's steal. This piece was chosen for its warm character and rustic beauty! It's almost one of the most unique storage units we have ever seen! This is the kind of unit that makes you do a double take and want to take in every aspect of it. From its fully functional sliding barn doors, this piece truly makes us giddy with excitement! You know we ONLY try to bring our friends the best quality pieces!! :)


Our Sliding Barn Doors Cabinet is perfect in every sense of the word!  This cabinet can be used for just about anything.. SERIOUSLY! Place it in your living room above the couch and use the cabinets and drawers as extra storage, DVDs, and remotes or you can use it in your dining room or above your coffee bar... think about how much Rae Dunn you can fit in here!!! You can even put in your kitchen or bathroom to use as extra storage too! 


We're swooning at ALL the decor possibilities that come with this piece! It's warm, rustic features allow it to cohesively blend into ANY space!!


Oh and did we mention the price on this gem?! Yes! That's right! We couldn't believe it either considering the cheapest we've seen it for is $200! AND the shipping is STILL only $5!!! :)



P.S. - Check out how our friends Michele Smollett (photo #1) and Brenda Brennis (photo #2) using their cabinets!