Hanging Lightening Bug Jar


WOW!! We hope you are ready because today's exclusive steal truly exudes farmhouse charm!! The second we laid eyes on this piece we simply knew we had to bring it to you ASAP!


Now take a second and close your eyes....think back on your childhood and back to those summer nights when the fireflies lite up the night! Those nights when you and the neighbor kids would run around as fast as you could trying to collect as many of those fireflies as you could in your mason jars. Now open them! 


This hanging lightening bug jar is just the piece to take you back to those simpler times while adding modern farmhouse charm to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Whether you use this hanging jar as a fire fly home or as a terrarium holding succulents or herbs, it will effortlessly tie into any space.


Oh and have you seen that price!!! We couldn't believe it either!