*HUGE* Old Porch Pendant Light Fixture


WOW! We hope you are sitting down for this because we've never done anything quite like this before! This Old Porch Pendant Light Fixture is truly an incredible piece! The designer took the elements of an old farmhouse porch and put them into a light fixture! How amazing is that!?? It's got to be one of our most unique deals to date! We were only able to get a small amount and the shipping on this HUGE piece is being held at $5 (CRAZZYY!!) so you'll want to act fast before these are gone!


Just picture this beautiful light fixture above your dining room table, above your kitchen island, or even in your breakfast nook or formal dining room. What we LOVE so much about this piece is how grand of a statement it makes.


We've been trying to bring this light to you for quite some time now and we are beyond ecstatic to FINALLY be able to offer you this beautiful light.


For a light with this HUGE and with this much charm, you would expect to be paying boutique prices and super high shipping prices...Well, we are here to tell you that beautiful lighting doesn't have to cost a fortune and we are holding the shipping at ONLY $5!!! I know it's crazy to believe...You can't beat it! 


PS - Check out how our friends are using theirs in the photos above! ... @lovehomemadehome and Tracey Junior Webb