Vintage-Style Drink Cooler


Oh my my! Look what we have done now :) We get so giddy when we can bring you a steal that we have never done before! And when we saw this one... we just knew... it was you you <3


This vintage style drink cooler has us dreaming of warmer days, clear skies, and outdoor fun! We can wait until those yellow tulips spring up and the rain goes away. Until then we thought about using this beautiful cooler in other ways: how about a planter (fauz plants are our bread and butter), on the counter holding all the k-cups, by the front door to house your mail and keys that seem to keep growing legs lol! Then imagine all the compliemtns you are going to get when you pull this pretty lady out during the next event you host!


We love that through the seasons you can use this steal again and again!