Antique Dough Bowl Mold


OH MY VINTAGE GOODNESS! Say hello fellow #decorstealsaddict to today's steal. An authentic dough bowl from the 19th century! We know, We know... CUE THE HAPPY DANCES!


We know how much you ADORE beautiful pieces with rich history!! For generations, families in Europe used dough bowls to mix and prepare the dough for their daily bread. These early 19th century European dough bowls were so essential in everyday life.


Which is why we were so excited to FINALLY find an authentic one. We have sold and you have loved the reproductions but to be able to own a true found dough bowl is beyond any dream we could ever dream :)


Made of teak wood with a raw edge this object is not only one of a kind but quite the conversation piece! Imagine your guests faces as they swoon over the history, the charm, the rustic appeal. Imagine having it in your home as you gaze upon it and see all the distreswsing, missing bits of wood, chipping, cracking, rawness and realness. All this detailing telling of these dough bowls history and journey into your homes!


With no two alike these beauties are truly unique and for that price?! Found objects that don't cost an arm and a leg! We know, we know... MORE HAPPY DANCES!