Dried Lavender Bunch Set Of 2


You know those days that come around just once every year... the days you wait for so expectantly?  Like your Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...  Well, today is another one of those days because IT IS FINALLY LAVENDER DAY AT DÉCOR STEALS!!! 


We have been waiting for this day for over a year now! Lavender is by far one of the HARDEST herbs to harvest. Like wine grapes the conditions have to be perfect! One year it can be award-winning the next non-existent. The last couple of harvests have been non-existent but FINALLY, the stars aligned and brought us one of the most beautiful and bountiful lavender harvests... EVER!


These very fragrant lavender bunches come to us from the Provence, France. Our bunches are not the average bunches! They were naturally grown, harvested and dried with love and care (NO CHEMICALS!). Our bunches were harvested in France are will surely fill your rooms with an unbelievably enticing aroma! Seriously, unbelievable! More fragrant than any essential oil, candle, or room spray we have ever come across! This dried Lavender will arrive with some blossoms shed. Not to worry, much like the lavender itself, this is completely natural! Scoop the loose blooms into a bowl for potpourri or into a sachet to place on your pillow and ENJOY! This dried lavender has a delicate bud: it's best to place the Lavender where it works for you and let its fragrance work its magic. If you'd like to move it some buds will loosen again this is a natural aspect of this flower.


OH! DID WE MENTION THE COLOR?! The grower paid such AHH-MAZZING attention when drying the herbs that he perfectly preserved the color. Most herbs go grey when drying but this lavender is a  beautiful saturated purple with notes of indigo where the buds meet. We have never seen anything so perfect, so natural, so able to transport you to another place. 


We wish you were with us, to hear how proud the grower was while explaining to us all about lavender. And the different types, methods of growing and methods of harvesting. Oh and how all these variables and A LOT of love and patience come together to deliver these beauties. You could feel the love in his voice! You know... this just made this deal that MUCH more special and dear to our hearts! 





P.S. Check out how our friend Angie Combs, Paige Presley Kyle and Beth Ordower Dellinger are using their lavender above