Distressed Wood Scalloped Edged Mirror / Farmhouse Cottage


Happy morning, friends!! There is nothing more we love here at Decor Steals than fun decorative wall pieces. Which is EXACTLY why we ADORE this Distressed Wood Scalloped Edged Mirror! It's just such a sweet piece that really will brighten and bring charm to ANY room!


Hanging mirrors are SO popular right now! So, of course, we are bringing the hottest trends right to your fingertips! Hang it above your mantle, place it in your entryway, dining room, OR office. Its intricate wooden pearls will add eclectic charm to even the dullest space!


This piece has so much charm and is the PERFECT size mirror to put in any room! Send us pictures and show us where you decide to put this gem! Oh and have you checked out that price!!?? CRAZY good right!? 


PS - Check out how our friend Melody Johnson used her mirror in photos #1-2!