Sliding Barn Door Cabinet


OH MY FARMHOUSE FURNITURE?! You better believe this is a Decor Steals First! We usually stick to smaller items but when we saw this piece we just couldn't resist!


Barn door decor is the hottest trend out there! And this Barn Door Cabinet is not only functional, it's really REALLY pretty! Use it as an oversized bench or even a TV stand! We just LOVE all the storage it provides! Fully sliding doors allow you to hide away messes while still leaving open shelving for hmmm, well how about all those Rae Dunn pieces you have been dying to display ;)


Do NOT hesititate on this one! They will go FAST! 




PS - Check out how our friends are using their cabinets in the pics above! Dianne Reedy Lovette, Paula Carroll Murdock, Sharon Deuschle