*HUGE* Oval Industrial Chandelier


WOAH! Now this is something unlike we have offered you guys ever before!! It is the definition of beauty and industrial charm... Farmhouse style! We can't take our eyes off this perfectly crafted piece! Have you been looking for the perfect statement maker for your rustic dining or living room?! Well this is the piece for you!!! 


Add a classic touch to draw the eye in with this Industrial Inspired hanging lamp! We love the unique enlongated oval shape of this lamp... and now can we mention the added sparkle that the dozens of bulbs give off? SWOON!! We can't get enough!!! This piece is PERFECT in a farmhouse style room, offsetting the distressed wood and vintage pieces you already have with a perfect amount of industrial and sparkle! It's all about balance!



We know you guys have been waiting for a unique piece like this... and now IT'S HERE! Not only is this steal offered at an unbeatable price, but shipping is still only $5!!! PLEASE don't miss out on this classic beauty!   


P.S. - Check out how our friend Jade Jones used her chandelier in Photo #2! :-)