Natural Jute Rug Pick Your Size


YUP! We know...we are just as EXCITED as you right now!! So here is how this deal came about: We LOVE LOVE natural looking rugs but unfortunately they are: 1. expensive, 2. rough on the feet, 3. hard to clean, 4. They shed a lot and 5. definitely not for people with allergies. Challenge accepted so we went on a hunt to find a rug that defeats all of these points and TA-DA....


Well, it doesn’t get any better than this! This environmentally friendly rug features a fresh and earthy color palette of neutral beiges and light golden brown hues. And best of all it was HAND WOVEN in India, using Jute and Cotton!! It is just plain BEAUTIFUL! And the natural color pallette alows it to fit into any space!!  


These beauties are soft, super durable, and best of all they are perfect for people with allergies! Hmmm, and we don't need to mention how AMAZING these prices are! AND Wait for it: you can chose your size!