*HUGE* Eclectic Pig Garden Bench


HAPPY HAPPY morning to all of our best friends! How could your morning not be filled with happiness after seeing THIS steal?! OH MY! We just LOOOOVE finding you guys cute and fun AND farmhouse steals like this cute little guy... oops! Did we say little?? He's actually HUUGE!!! This piggy will be the perfect addition to add a TON of fun charm to where ever you place him! 


Wilbur (as we call him) can't wait to stand proudly in your gardening areas and patios! He is 52" iches long (yep that's right) so he can display your favorite potted plants with such grace and ease! Add him to your patio or front porch so that he can be apart of your family gatherings and be a seat when in need! He's just too cute to be left out! ;-)


Welcoming Wilbur into your homes will add such a conversation starter and such a unique Farmhouse touch! His massive size will draw in attention, not to mention the beauty he can add when adorned with flowers and plants of all sorts! He can't wait to make memories with you, so grab him while he is still around!