*HUGE* Farmhouse Ladder With Galvanized Planters


GOOOOD Morning Stealers! We are always excited to bring you guys our AHHmazing steals... but even more excited when the steal is BRAND NEW and SO unique! We are no longer counting down the days, because IT'S HERE!! We just KNEW this would be the perfect addition to your homes! We love ALL things planters, and of course our farmhouse ladders are always a HUGE hit... So a combination of the two?! Is this a dream? .... NOPE! 


First things first... This ladder is HUGE... and when we say huge, we aren't joking around! Today's steal is a whopping 75" Tall! Now that is incredible! This ladder will climb the height of your walls and be the biggest statement maker in your home! We can't wait to see these beauties adorned with flowers and greenary... The pops of color will bring this vintage piece to life! Don't stop there! Add garlands and ornaments during the holidays, party favors and treats for birthdays and celebrations, or even use this in the baby's nursery to hold blankies, diapers and stuffed animals! The possibilites are truly endless! 


A piece this HUGE and this AHHmazing is sure to sell out fast, so hurry and grab yours! Oh, and we kept shipping at only $5! Now that is a STEAL!!