Vintage Inspired Wicker Basket DemiJohn


"You get two decor items for the price of one, that's a WIN" - JoBeth

 Good morning beloved “Stealers”! We hope you’re ready because our newest deal will have you in loveeeee!!! We are absolutely SWOONING over this STUNNING Vintage Inspired Wicker Basket Demijohn and just knew you would too once you laid eyes on it!!!


We know it’s hard to resist this BEAUTY! Eye catching, great quality and this gem even tells a story! Inspired by bottles throughout Europe used to store and transport liquids such as wine, oil, cider and molasses this piece is truly something you want to get your hands on!!


Did we mention the wicker basket is removable so you instantly have TWO ahhhhh-mazing pieces for the price of one?! Talk about versatile! Whether you use them together or apart this beauty will be sure to set your space apart from others. Simply place the demijohn bottle in one room and fill it with branches or stems and the basket in another with candles AND add the perfect touch of charm and vintage-“ness” to any room in your home! :)


We cannot wait to see how you use this SUPER functional, SUPER cool and SUPER popular piece!!! Oh, and did you see the price? We can’t believe it either!!




Check out how JoBeth Styles It: