Lattice Inspired Iron Drum Chandelier / Pick Your Style


Oh It is going to be a GOOOOOOOOOD Morning, Stealers! One of our favorite aspects of decor is a really good lighting fixture!


Lighting fixture are such statement pieces but they are also finishing pieces! Pieces that tie an entire room together, make them feel complete, and bring warmth and light! We LOVE the depth of lattice work but sometimes those straight edged diagonals can feel to sharp for a farmhouse which is why we were SO excited when we found these beauties!!! The same depth and detail of lattice but with softer edges! We love the cut out aspect of these because it allows the most amount of light into the room!


Whether it is over the counter, over the sink, in the foyer greeting you as you come home... these chandeliers will be a conversation piece for sure! AND at $5 how do you really beat that?! You can't! So you know what they say if you can't beat 'em join them or have them join you in your farmhouse <3




Check out how out the rave reviews and customer photos above! Diane Urban (photo #2) and Kim Brodbeck (photo #3)