{Found Object} Vintage European Seltzer Bottle


These Seltzer Bottles come to us from Europe. We have been looking for more for a very LONG time! We can only find them every now and then so we feel VERY lucky we were able to get our hands on some! These are not your average clear thin rounded glass seltzer bottles, these are European heavy colored thick glass facet edge seltzer bottles! Yep, these are the real deal :)


They were salvaged from bars and restaurants from across the region. The bottles were filled with seltzer for making fizzy spirits. Some Seltzer bottles still contain liquid, which cannot be emptied.


The bottles and the caps show wear, age, timeworn marks, rust, dirt and stains! All due to usage and old age. Some bottles are embossed and some are not.


This bottle is a piece of history and it's very difficult to find. It will look beautiful displayed in any farmhouse kitchen, bar or dining room...


P.S: Make sure to see all the beautiful photos that Kim from the Savvy Southern Style styled and shot (photos: 9, 10 and 11) and photo # 12 from Sharon of the Blue Willow House!