Letters To Santa Pillow Set


Before you tuck yourself in tonight we'd like to take you down memory lane...



It's a month before Christmas and you are working constantly on your list to Santa.. perfecting it, re-writing it, cutting out pictures from catalogs just in case he gets confused or can't read your writing! It is one of the memories that everyone can relate to and everyone smiles about as they reminisce. Their really isn't anything as pure as a child who believes in the magic of Santa!


Wehn we saw this pillow all of our childhood memories rushes back! We found ourselves around a table in the office sharing stories, laughing, bonding, smiling and being well our best childhood selves. When we were all done sharing we stopped look around and realized that we HAD to bring that same cheer to our extended family (and yes we are talking about you all!)


Whether you use it as a reminder to yourself that the magic of Christmas knows no age or to create new memories with your own children this pillow is sure to be the perfect addition to your holidays year after year!