Vintage Sewing Machine Twine Holder


Yes, we know... We’re so excited about this beauty too ;o) This steal has become one of our signature deals! But we haven't been able to bring it to you as the deal of the day for some time now! So for all of you who have been patiently waiting, TODAY IS FOR YOU! :)


This beautiful sewing machine inspired twine holder was designed after an original sewing machine used in the 1900s... The designer paid great attention to the details and functionality of this piece. You will get it fully equipped with a spool of jute twine & shears - ready to be used...


With its cast iron body, vintage sculptural details and functionality this Sewing Machine Twine Holder With Shears is a must have in every farmhouse inspired interior!


Use it in your kitchen, crafts room, home office, and garden...  Change it out to hold your ribbons, twine, string, etc.... Oh, and it will be VERY handy in your wrapping routine during the upcoming holiday seasons! :)


And of course, shipping has been held at $5!