Rustically Distressed Metal Train


CHOO-CHOO! Make way! Does it get any more "Farmhouse Christmas" than this?! We don't think so! This AMAZING train combines ALL of our FAVORITES! A cute, galvanized, farmhouse train, and PLANTER... that is PERFECT for CHRISTMAS! ...(or ANY time of the year really)! 


When we saw this HUGE Galvanized Train we just KNEW we had to get it for you guys! Our favorite part of this is the fact that it can be used year round AND will fit in perfectly with your Christmas time decor! What shouts FARMHOUSE more than a cute train hauling your sparkly christmas ornaments and holly?! Put it hard at work carrying your favorite holiday trinkets or holding your festive napkins and silverware for Christmas dinner! The fun possibilities are endless will make your room come to life with Festive Farmhouse charm! 


What's even better?! At this price you can grab one for yourself and a friend! Nothing is wrong with a little Christmas gift for yourself and someone else, right?! 


Enjoy! :-)