Vintage White Truck Planter


Did we hear a Woohoo??!! Or should we say a WOOHOO!!! Are you loving this White Truck Planter, or what?!

If you want a functional, unique, charming, Vintage Farmhouse look than this White Truck Planter is for you.  Use it to bring that farmhouse touch to everything you do:

-Add a couple moss balls for added greenery to any space!
-Store fruits & veggies in it 
-Display your beautiful lavender bunches or use it as a planter
-Create extra storage space in your kitchen or dining by stashing utensils and/or dishes in it.
-Bathroom supplies – towels to toiletries!
-Keep your latest reading material handy.
-Use it in your garden for picking or to hold your gardening tools

Imagine the possibilities, from season to season, this White Truck Planter will have you a rockin' and a rollin' !!! <3