Antique Inspired Table Clock


This steal truly will turn back the clocks to a romantic, vintage period! It's super CHARMING and lovely, and we were thrilled to bring it to you guys. Time seriously stopped when we saw this steal! This unique vintage clock marked 1879 will steal your heart just like it stole ours!


The worn metal on this tabletop clock is the perfect size to fit any space. It is functional and ADORABLE... Which we absolutely love! Place this beauty on your bookcase, or on your entryway table. This piece would be PERFECT sitting in your study on the desk. Time will fly while you are looking at this piece, and we are sure all your friends and family will be wondering where you found sure a beautiful farmhouse find! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, IT.


And for this price? We aren't kidding... We know, were shocked as well! Grab yours before they all run out! <3