Antique Charkha Spinning Wheel


It is always a SUPER special day when we get to bring our much-coveted FOUND objects on as steals! Today we bring you a piece that was first made famous many ages ago in India between 500 and 1000 A.D.


Today’s steal is commonly referred to as a spinning wheel! This version is a Charkha Wheel! Charkha wheels are one of the oldest forms of the spinning wheel! Oh, the stories this beauty could tell! The word Charkha is related to the word “circle” and is associated with both independence and community! Ghandi used the charkha in his teachings to teach his community about self-sufficiency and independence (HOW AHH-MAZING)!


Just imagine having this found object in your home! Guests being stopped in their tracks by its beauty and then watching their mouths drop as you tell them that Ghandi used to teach with wheels just like YOURS!


We love this as wall décor or an intricate centerpiece on your family dining table! Grab a couple and create a layered décor piece on your wall! We adore when we can bring you pieces with history! Grab your bit of history before it sells out because pieces this rare ALWAYS do!