Antique Handcrafted Wooden Bowl


YES! YES! YESSSS!! We really have an addiction to TRUE ANTIQUES! We firmly believe that your farmhouse won't be complete without one! We went to the drawing board trying to find the best REAL VINTAGE dough bowls and we have DONE IT! 

We know how much you ADORE beautiful pieces with rich history!! For generations, families in Europe used similar dough bowls to mix and prepare the dough for their daily bread. We are just LOVING this FOUND OBJECT!

These handmade beauties are so unique! No two will be alike and some will even have copper patches from when they needed to be repaired from years of use! Swooon!

Look around and we challenge you to find anything of this caliber! This Steal is truly one of the MOST unique we've ever offered, DO.NOT.MISS.IT!