French Style Wall Sconce


TODAY is the day! Your FAVE kind of steal is back!!! We know how much you loveeeeee European-inspired pieces, which is why we are ECSTATIC to you a piece that exudes SO much beauty, SO much history and will even add a bit of fancy to your décor. Feast your eyes on the GORGEOUS, romantic detailing of this stunning wall sconce!!!



This breathtaking piece resembles old French style wall sconces and will take your space to a whole new level! What could be prettier than the carved detailing of this European-inspired beauty?! It has truly captured us with its timeworn look, charming glow and LOADS of character!!!



Now that we’ve lit up your world, imagine all the ways we can light up your home! Hang it in the foyer, kitchen, patio and porch OR bring a warm romantic glow to your dining room by hanging this piece on either side of your buffet! Buy two and use them on each side of your bed or over your living room side tables! Wherever you display it will bring the perfect ambiance to your space!



AND did you see the price?! We know we were shocked as well! :)


Check out how our friend @shayfarm7 is using hers in the photo above!