Large Wooden Beaded Lanterns


Today’s steal is sure to light up your life and bring a cozy, comfy, farmhouse vibe to your space! We are SUPER happy we could find these beautiful treasures and we know you guys will be OVER THE MOON about this one!


We absolutely love this beautiful LARGE set of lanterns! The details on these pieces are so beautifully thought out and designed, we are honestly OBSESSED. The intricate wooden beads lining the shabby chic lanterns make their charm undeniable! It's pieces like this that make our hearts flutter and fall in love all over again. This steal is coming at the best time! Especially since lanterns are SOO popular! The more the merrier and this deal has two of them! WOW!


Use our Large Wooden Beaded Lantern set indoors OR outdoors (make sure to weatherproof them). Add an LED light or firefly  lights, either way, we know they will make a statement! :) Place them in your entryway filled with beautiful florals, or set them near your fireplace and add to the cozy illuminating lights. Anywhere you place this set of elegantly designed lanterns, they will add a unique look and spark a conversation!


This lovely set of farmhouse goodness will definitely not last long! Grab yours today! Oh and don’t forget, shipping is only $5!!