Tea Stained American Flags Set of 6


Here at Decor Steals we like to show our American pride all year round! Especially in vintage fashion! ;) So, let's show off that American Pride with these beautifully vintage set of American Flags... You get SIX! 


Place these tea stained flags in your favorite demi john, incorporate them into your vignette or even stick them in your yard to line your walkways and front porches to show your American pride ALL year long...Our favorite part of these flags is the washed out vintage color pallette that gives them the illusion of age and vintage character! This makes them SUPER easy to incorporate into your everyday farmhouse spaces! 


This set of SIX.... (YES, SIX) is the perfect amount to make a statement... but no worries, this unbeatable price allows you to grab more than one set if needed without breaking the bank!