Preserved Boxwood Wreath



A perfect pair with today's Cow Head... grab yours now to create our most popular look from the blogger photos above! CLICK HERE! 


Hope all you Stealers have had your coffee and are ready to rock-n-roll this morning! The last time we offered these amazing boxwood wreaths they SOLD OUT IN An HOUR! So stop reading and add ‘em to your cart while we still have some left :)

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! With the HUGE demand and requests, we receive daily for a wreath that fits over the cow head we just couldn't be happier about today's deal! This wreath is a true Decor Steals exclusive!!

So today we bring you the 20" Diameter Preserved Boxwood Wreaths you wanted AND we couldn't be happier that we are able to deliver, especially at this price!

This all natural preserved boxwood wreath is just so lush and fresh. All you need to do is spray with water once a month and it will always be that way! That’s our kind of greenery. LOL :o)

Boxwood wreaths are so elegant and are great tools to elevate your decor in any season. Just add a red or silver bow and you will have glorious Holiday wreaths. OR swap the bows for Chiffon ones and voilà: you have the most beautiful Spring/Summer wreaths! See, it's just that simple :o)


PS - Check out how our friends used their wreaths in the above pics! ... @homedecormomma, @rubyorchard, @homeroad,  @christines_greyhounds, @karenfrashier, @laurawgodfrey and @our_forever_farmhouse