Tabletop Steeple Lantern


WOW!!! We are SUPER excited about today’s steal!! AND since we know Y'all are too, (as the requests are still pouring from you all for lanterns), we knew we had to offer these Steeple Lanterns! The true-to-history shape, unusual finish and the perfect size all speak stories to us!!! 


These beautiful lanterns are finished in textured metal and resemble the look of lanterns used in the 1700's and exude beauty that sends us on a trip through time. Awe, just picture some hanging from a tree to light up that summer dinner, sitting on your vinette, on a porch lighting up a corner, or even on top of your laughter-filled outdoor table...


Use these beauties indoors or outdoors as lantern with candles, citronella candles or even LED candles! Well, how about even with a potted plant inside?! or even in a country chic wedding! Oh, and did you check out that price!! We know it's simply UNBELIEVABLE!! Making you smile is what keeps us going strong!


Check out how our friend @shayfarm7 is using hers!