Real Touch Peony Bouquet


Today’s steal will really make you want to stop and smell the flowers! OH talk about charming and SWOON-worthy!  These STUNNING real feel florals are the BEST way to welcome spring without the hassle! These are HUGE LONG stemmed peonies that come in three different color options, Cream, Fuchsia or Pink bundle. These are SOOOO lifelike, no one would be able to tell the difference from fresh picked!!


These BEAUTIFUL real touch flowers are dipped in a gentle wax making them soft to the touch and last FOREVER! Who would have thought you can have SUPER amazing, lifelike flowers that require NO maintenance! It is honestly a dream! There is nothing like a vase full of elegant flowers greeting you and your guest as you enter your home! Flowers bright, warm, and welcome life and laughter into any space! We were seriously JUMPING for joy when we added these ADORABLE peonies into our collection...sigh…. They are just PERFECT.


Buy one color or all three and display them! They will look GORGEOUS no matter what! We promise <3  Don't wait, our stealers LOVE our Real Touch florals, so these won't last long at ALL!