Fiddle Leaf Fig Stem


WOOHOOO!! Get ready to fall in love stealers!!! Today we bring you a SUPER amazing piece that has been seen all over your favorite home decorating TV shows!! These fiddle leaf stems HAVE to be one of our new favorite finds, our jaws dropped when we saw how REAL they looked! Yup, we’re not kidding around folks! Prepare to have everyone fooled into thinking these beauties are real!!!


We may call these "stems" but they're actually HUUUGE, and when potted they look as full as an entire plant! That's right! You can even pot these beauties and get the full effect of a house plant without ANY of the hassles! We can already picture them in a wicker basket making a statement in your farmhouse! Welcome your family, friends, and guests with a lovely arrangement of them in the entryway; brighten up the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office or all of the above! After all, you can never have too many! LOL. And best of all since they’re faux they won’t wilt. ;) We thought of it all so you wouldn’t have to! <3


 Buy a bunch or a few! At this price, we won’t stop you!