Vintage Inspired Console Table / Farmhouse Living


Good morning, friends!!! Are you ready for today’s steal???? We have been on the hunt for a console table that screams cottage farmhouse and we are THRILLED to announce that we have found it!!!! From the sturdy design to the classic wood this piece really has some personality, and it will definitely add that vintage touch to any room!



Not only is this piece dripping with charm and character, but also it is also SUPER functional! What better way to fill that unused space in the living room or greet guests in your hallway than with this BEAUTY??!!! You could even tuck it behind your sofa with a lovely floral arrangement, candles, picture frames or use it as a workstation in your craft room or office. AND it would make the most PERFECT drink station for all of your get-togethers. We could seriously go on and on!



This steal is pretty great, HUH?? Best of all look at that price!! AND shipping is STILL only $5 for this HUGE piece!!! ;)