Hanging Train Station Clock


Tick tock, tick tock! The time has come for another AHHH-mazing deal!!!! We are SUPER EXCITED to bring you a truly incredible steal with soooo much character, soooo much history and soooooo much SOUL!! When we laid eyes on this GORGEOUS double-sided wall clock it truly was love at first sight and we could not keep it from you any longer!!!



Inspired by and designed to resemble old train station clocks, the unique look of this STUNNING piece has us in full swoon!!! We are OBSESSED with the beautiful distressed metal finish, PERFECT size and vintage feel of this beauty AND it will definitely make a statement wherever you put it! This is the kind of piece that will effortlessly bring your space together. If you’re struggling with a long room this clock is just the solution and will make the perfect break-point! Don’t you just LOVE it???



Best of all you get this incredible piece at a CRAZY good price! Seriously, we couldn’t find it anywhere else for a cheaper price! Pretty awesome, huh?!



TIME is ticking folks, you don’t want to miss out on this steal!! ;)