Wicker Covered Wine Bottle


Happy morning, “Stealers”! We hope you’re ready because our newest VINTAGE FOUND items will have you in loveeeee!!! We are absolutely SWOONING over these STUNNING Wicker Covered Wine Bottles and just knew you would too once you laid eyes on them!!!


We know it’s hard to resist such BEAUTY! Eye catching, TRUE VINTAGE pieces that tell a story have our hearts! Back in the olden days, Hungarian villagers carried these vintage demijohn bottles to their local vineyards to draw wine directly from the cask. Crafted of wicker, the weave of these wine bottle covers vary making each one completely unique! Some may even come with or without a cork seal, and even though no two are alike they are all just as AWESOME! :)


We cannot wait to put this wicker covered demijohn bottle! Use as a centerpiece for your dining room table or above your mantel as the most charming accent! Can you imagine them filled with branches, flowers or eucalyptus stems OR even some olive stems!! 

P.S. Check out how our friend @uponadreamdesigns has used her's int he photos above! 


Don’t miss out on this authentic vintage beauty! Steals like this don’t come around often! ;)