Vintage Inspired Zinc Water Pot


Good morning!!! Good morning!!! Today’s steal is beyond fantastic!!!! We are THRILLED to bring you a piece that exudes so much personality, so much BEAUTY and will bring all the oooohs and ahhhhs your way! When we first laid eyes on this vintage-inspired water pot we knew THIS is something our Stealers will just LOVE!!!!



We are always on the hunt for cool, new pieces and this water pot has it ALL!! Rustic charm, sooooo much character and it’s functional too! AND since it’s beautifully crafted of zinc each water pot is SUPER UNIQUE, so no two will have the same characteristics and wear!



We just can’t get enough of these water pots and are beyond ECSTATIC over all of the décor possibilities! Simply add your favorite plants, flowers or herb stems and instantly bring natural texture and color to your space. You could even keep it in your mudroom as umbrella storage OR in your craft room to hold supplies! We also LOVE the idea of creating a stunning centerpiece for your dining room table! The sky is the limit with this gem Stealers!



AND you know the best part about this piece??? Why, the incredible price OF COURSE!!!